Lake Carroll’s Winter Wonderland is Upon Us

Lake Carroll’s Winter Wonderland is Upon Us
Come on out for some Family Fun!

tree-in-snowThe leaves have fallen, the boats have been put away and all the outdoor furniture is in hibernation.  Hark!  What do I see?  A snowflake, two, three!!!  Yes! Here it comes. SNOW and with it the BEAUTY of the season.  Not to mention all the FUN we will have too!  Last weekend was the first snow of the season and what a beautiful one it was.

The snow started falling late Saturday night and continued into Sunday afternoon.  By the time it was done, we had 5” of heavenly delight.  No sense in plowing until it was all done.  Great time to decorate the tree and finish the decorations inside the house.

Now I know some of you do not view this crisp, clean blanket of serenity as happiness, but to someone with 12 grandkids coming out to visit for 4 days during the Christmas season, yes it is a heavenly delight, an outdoor playground, a “get outside and do that”.  SNOW – probably the only outdoor event at this time of the year that can make the kids and adults put down the electronics and do something together.  Family time, isn’t that what it is all about?  Thus, the snow becomes a blessing.


After a few hours of sledding, snowball fighting and snowman (oh, snowperson?) making – in come the wet clothes along with “Where’s the hot chocolate”?  Yup, make sure that is ready. Oh, don’t forget to have the fireplace going for the kids too.



Lake Carroll is just as beautiful in the winter as in the summer.  Each season with it’s own special amenity to be used.  The lake provides fun for all in ALL seasons.  Before too long the tube-tow should be up and running.

blog-5Maybe some ice fisherman will be out on the lake. Along with the fisherman, we will start to see some snowmobilers and a few cross-country skiers moving around.

So make some plans to get out here this winter.  Check back in for more “winter activities” and what is happening!  I will keep you posted and of course if you have any questions, just let us know.


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