Amenities to Enjoy near Lake Carrol Homes.You spent a relaxing morning on a lazy pontoon cruise through the many no-wake bays of Lake Carroll, enjoying the splendid scenery. You had a close-up view of nature, sunny warmth, fresh air and a tasty picnic lunch. Best of all, you had time together. Experiencing these idyllic mornings is why you moved into one of Fawnridge Realty’s Lake Carrol homes.

As you dock the boat, you’re all talking about what you’ll be up to this afternoon. By the time you step from the dock onto land, you’ve decided it should be more active, so you can work off that fantastic lunch. But what exactly? Go for a swim, play 18 holes of golf or hit the ATV trails? Tennis, perhaps? So much to do near these beautiful Lake Carrol homes, and so much time to do it in...

A beautiful private lake with two marinas, an indoor and outdoor pool, a ski hill, tennis courts, beachfront, an 18-hole golf course, ATV trails and an equestrian facility. Sound like a lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of? In these Lake Carroll homes, such a life is affordable. Every property owner has access to our entire suite of recreational amenities to experience these and more of the best Illinois activities.

Our 636 acre private lake makes it simple to pursue whatever kind of boating you enjoy most--plus water skiing, tubing and jet skiing, of course-- and the fishing is out of this world. There’s beachfront, too, if you’d rather lay in the sand than haul in a bass. To stay fit (or just have a ball) you can use tennis courts, pools with lap lanes and a waterslide and our enjoyable golf course. Our 15 mile scenic trail system allows you to experience nature from the seat of an ATV.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the weather turns cold. There’s plenty of great Illinois activities in the winter, including snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice fishing...and that’s before you consider the fully equipped ski hill with a lodge and tube towing.

Whether you want your home to keep you on the go or keep you perfectly relaxed--or both on alternate days--there’s a place for you in one these stunning Fawnridge Realty Lake Carroll homes. Contact us at Fawnridge Realty now Schedule a tour and see it all in person.

Lake Carroll

The Lake

The spring breeze ripples the water and your hear the lake lapping at the dock you’re standing on. The view is amazing, and you realize the lake has amazed you since the day you first came here and every day since.

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Wake-boarding on Lake Carroll

Boating and Watersports

You push the throttle forward and bring the wheel back to center. Your speedy craft settles back on an even keel. As she picks up speed you can just barely hear the kids on the tube you’re towing squeal with delight as spray hits their faces.

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fishing on Lake Carroll


Your patience has been rewarded. You feel what might be a slight nibble and catch a barely perceptible dip of the bobber, then...a strike! You smile as you set the hook and begin reeling your catch in.

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Lake Carroll Golf Course

Golf Course

As you stride out to the first tee and stop for a moment to feel the warm summer breeze, you decide that there’s nothing better than a round on Northwest Illinois’ most beautiful course. Unless, that is, it’s a round where you score a new personal best.

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Lake Carroll Golf Course Club House

Club House

For you and your family, the club house has become more of a home away from home than a restaurant. The staff is welcoming, warm and helpful and it’s no surprise that this is the social hub of a very sociable community. What could be better than great food with good friends and lovely views?

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Lake Carroll Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center

It’s a hot summer day, but the water is perfect. Squeals and splashes erupt on both sides of the pool as a quartet of youngsters shoot out of the fifty foot corkscrew slide and another group leap from the diving board.

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Lake Carroll ATV Trail System

ATV Trail System

You roar across the stream, sending up roostertails, then dash through the dense pocket of woods beyond. As you emerge from the trees you pass blazingly bright wildflowers and know there will be even more at the top of the next hill.

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Lake Carroll Camp Grounds

Camp Grounds

Is there any activity more relaxing than just sitting by a fire with family and friends? You can’t think of one. You put another marshmallow on your roasting skewer. Just one more before you turn in...or maybe two. You’ll work off the calories swimming and hiking tomorrow.

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Lake Carroll Ski Hill and Recreation Area

Ski Hill & Recreation Area

Snow flies from the edges of your skies as you weave your way down the hill. Snowmaking machines let you start the season even before Mother Nature began sending storms your way. Skiing, snowboarding and a tube tow mean there’s never an off-season at Lake Carroll.

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Lake Carroll Equestrian Club and horse back riding


As the children run over to the miniature horse paddock, you check your jacket pocket for baby carrots. You wouldn’t want to forget them. You look beyond to your own mare, and think about the trail riding you’ll do together later on this morning.

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Lake Carroll Nature


Sometimes it feels as if it was all created just for you. Panoramic views of lake, woods and farm country, birds ranging from tom turkeys to fuzzy ducklings, sightings of deer, woodchucks and badgers. And the best part is how easy it is to get out there and enjoy it all.

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