Fawnridge Lake

Aquatic Center

There’s quite a scene before you as you relax by the Lake Carroll pool. Energetic activity, bright colors and joyful smiles are all around. A group of kindergarten-age children squeal as they chase each other around a jetting geyser. A pair of moms watch them from under a large shade umbrella, chatting as they dip their feet water. Not far away, toddlers and their parents laugh as they splash each other in the shallows.

A series of whoops erupts from the bright yellow waterslide as a gaggle of youngsters corkscrew down, each ending their run with a mighty splash. There’s more mighty splashing on the deep side as three siblings leap off the diving board in cannonballs and other goofy acrobatics. Then their older brother strides across the board, bounces once and executes a perfect dive with hardly a splash at all.

You’re debating with yourself whether you should leave your warm and restful seat to join them. One thing’s for sure: Whether you go in right now or not, the Lake Carroll pool is going to be a great place to stay fit. Maybe tomorrow is the day to start doing laps, and when autumn arrives you can switch to the indoor pool. Or maybe you’d prefer to try our other outdoor activities in Illinois by playing tennis or volleyball and save the laps for the months when it’s too cold to use the courts.

Well, you don’t have to decide right away. Here at Northwest Illinois’ best kept secret, there’s never a need to hurry.

Lake Carroll aquatic center

Outdoor Pool Complex

Open throughout the summer, our 4,770 square foot outdoor Lake Carroll pool has all the things you would normally expect, such as a one-meter diving board and lap lanes. But it’s also a summer wonderland for children of all ages. They can play in the spray of five water geysers or ride the 50-foot- long corkscrew waterslide. A shallow waterside splash area is the perfect place for toddlers and other small children to play, making it one of the best family outdoor activities in Illinois. Anyone who wants to stay wet but needs some shade can take advantage of an umbrella 20 feet in diameter.

Lake Carroll Indoor pool

Indoor Pool

If you want to keep swimming when the weather’s not so hot, our indoor Lake Carroll pool is just what you need. At 1,440 square feet with depth ranging from 3 ½ to 5 feet, it can accommodate swimmers of all ages and skill levels. It also features a swivel-down chair for handicapped access.

Aquatic Center Four Season Fun and Fitness

Four Season Fun and Fitness

The Aquatic Center is just one part of a recreational complex featuring a ski hill and lodge as well as tennis and volleyball courts. Our diversity of indoor and outdoor activities in Illinois is why we are the best place for family and friend fun. Each pool also features four lap lanes, 25 yards long in the outdoor pool and 20 yards in the indoor facility, and morning adult swim hours. Whether you prefer to get your exercise returning serves or swimming laps, you’ll have ample opportunity to do it all as a Lake Carroll property owner, at the Lake Carroll pool.