Lake Carroll ATV

ATV Trail System

Your stomach drops as you crest the hill. A moment later you lean as you zoom into a turn, leaving dust behind you. The air is fresh and invigorating on your face as it blows past. The sky is bright with that special mid-autumn light. The fall foliage is at its peak and vivid splashes of color are all around you as you make your way through dense woods. But soon enough the trail will emerge onto a clear hilltop section where you can survey vast sections of the woods and farmlands across the splendid Northwest Illinois countryside before descending into a picturesque valley. You rush over the rolling hills and through grassy fields, across streams and past ponds. At this point, enough leaves have fallen that you occasionally leave some tumbling in the air as you speed by.

You sight a flock of wild turkeys not far off the trail. They don’t seem perturbed at all as you roar past. It’s not unusual to see your animal neighbors out here. You’re on the trail almost every weekend with family and friends, and as the seasons have changed you’ve seen hawks, does with fawns, and even a grumpy badger. You’ve also seen new details each trip as the seasons come and go. Every ride is new and different.

There will be a few more rides in the crisp autumn air before the snow falls.You’re looking forward to that, too. You can take in the same views from your snowmobile.

There’s a creek coming up, and with a grin you twist the throttle. This will get a little wet, but what do you care? You’re having fun. This unbeatable experience brings people from all over to our top ATV trails in Illinois.

Do you enjoy outdoor activities in scenic surroundings? Look no further than Lake Carroll’s extensive trail system.

15 Miles Of Trail

The main trail makes a circuit around the 5,200 acres of the Fawnridge Lake Carroll community, combining stunning terrain with thrilling rides on our ATV trails in Illinois. Wildlife, hilltop vistas and secluded woodlands are all waiting for you, and the trail is easily accessed from points throughout the community. You can even hike the trail if you prefer to slow down and take in every detail close up.

Lake Carroll ATV Trails

Four Season Fun with our snowmobile trails

If you put up your ATV for the winter, that’s no problem. Not only do we have the best ATV trails in Illinois, but we also boast excellent Illinois snowmobile trails. Snowmobiles are welcome, giving you a chance to experience a winter wonderland. Our local Trail Club can also help you wring even more fun out of the trail with group rides and charity events throughout the year.

For more about the many ways you can interact with the beautiful environment of Lake Carroll, visit our Nature page.