Lake Carroll Water Sports

Boating and Watersports

The air is fresh and invigorating and the sun is bright. The morning is quiet, the water calm. Well, sort of. Most of the lake is quiet and calm, but in your particular location, there’s heavy spray, the rush of wind and the roar of a powerful motor. You’re tubing behind your speedboat as it charges at full throttle down the length of Lake Carroll as watersports suddenly become your favorite pastime. You laugh as the thrill of speed goes right up your spine. You can feel it pushing out stress as you unwind.

As the boat turns at the end of the run, you see a pontoon boat motoring through a no-wake bay. A family is aboard, taking a scenic tour around the 22 miles of shoreline. The children are pointing at a line of ducks that are swimming past, and the parents wave at you. That’s something you noticed about Lake Carroll right away: Everyone waves. Your family in the boat waves back as you sweep into the turn and come around 180 degrees. You prefer to hold on for dear life. You’re sure they’ll understand.

The throttle goes full speed ahead again, and you can’t help but let out a whoop as you bounce across the surface.

Our community has a lot to offer for anyone looking for fun, but there’s nothing quite like the Lake Carroll watersports opportunities available to the boater. Contact us at Fawnridge Realty to join our wonderful community!

Lake Carroll Marina


We have two marinas at opposite ends of the lake, one of which is over three acres in size. Property owners can use their own designated marina slip (or a slip that is available through the association) from April 1 to October 30. You’ll find a concession--with gas, bait, beverages and food items--as well as a beach and a playground. The West Marina also features a shower facility. These features will give you everything you need to enjoy the largest private lake in the state and all of the Lake Carroll watersports you can think of.

Lake Carroll Boating and Watersports

Lake Carroll Watersports

A lake this big (636 acres, to be exact) is the perfect place for watersports where the thrill comes from speed. You’ll have ample room to jet ski, water ski, go tubing or even just cruise the lake at full throttle with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Lake Carroll Beach


All Lake Carroll property owners and their guests have access to our lovely beach, located at our West Marina. In addition the concession and shower facility, the beach also features a fire pit, pavilion and playground, giving you plenty of ways to have fun in the sun in a natural setting.

Lake Carroll Serene Boating Experience

Serene boating experiences

Sometimes the best boat is a slow boat. There are over a dozen no-wake bays on the lake. They’re perfect for fishing, of course. Our lake beats any other boating in Illinois. And there’s something special about a cruise along the shoreline, gazing at nature’s splendor at your leisure, watching the seasons change in relaxing quiet. And no other boating in Illinois experience compares to a Lake Carroll sunset seen from the water.

In short, every boater and watersport enthusiast can experience a perfect environment for their favorite kind of waterborne recreation.

Lake Carroll Yacht Club

The Lake Carroll Yacht Club

Our yacht club was founded in 2007 to allow members to “have fun on and off the water.” You don’t need to own a boat to be a member. This might tell you we have the least exclusive yacht club in the world, or it might just tell you how easy-going and welcoming the people of Lake Carroll are.

Lake Carroll Boat dealer access

Boat dealer access

Two full service boat dealers are right at Lake Carroll’s doorstep, with complexes that are each several acres in size. They sell new and used boats and a full range of boating equipment, everything you need to enjoy Lake Carroll watersports and the best boating in Illinois. You can also see them for every service you might need, including transport, storage, winterization and maintenance.