Lake Carroll Camping

Camp Grounds

The fire’s glow is dimming a bit, but you can still feel its warmth and take in the smoky aroma that has been part of so many of your best memories. It doesn’t quite cover the faint smell of sunscreen or the delicious cake you made in the Dutch oven. The sounds of nature at night are the background soundtrack to long chats and long silences that no one feels the need to fill. You’re among friends and family, the season is ending, and it has been a beautiful day.

Your neighbors from the site down the way yawn, say their goodnights and head off to bed. Your little ones are already sleeping, but that’s no surprise. They played all day in the grass, the playground and the pool. And then there was that spectacular sunset, and they didn’t quite sit still during that, either. But they began to nod sleepily not long after dinner, and during the silences you can hear them gently snore.

Tomorrow you’ll take them out on the water one last time before the end of summer, and you know you’ll all be getting up early for that. But you don’t want to turn in just yet. All is right with the world, so why not stay for a little longer and enjoy the quiet? It’s the perfect, Lake Carroll camping experience.

The spacious and well-equipped Lake Carroll campground is available for use by any property owner and their guests. Many residents use the site as a temporary home while their house is being built or simply purchase a Lake Carroll lot through Fawnridge Realty so they can camp where a 636 acre lake and every recreational amenity is part of the package.

Lake Carroll Camp Grounds

Room for Every Type of Camping

The total size of the Lake Carroll camping area? A roomy 113 acres. There’s ample elbow room for anyone who wants to set up a temporary home in splendid outdoor environs. There are 132 sites in the Lake Carroll campground, with size and support amenities differing by section. That means you choose your experience, from roughing it in a tent to camping in style in a full-size RV.

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Full Facilities

When you visit the Lake Carroll campground, you’ll never be short on support or recreation. You’ll have a pavilion for gatherings, a playground for the kids or grandkids, a shower house and dump station. A campground host is onsite to assist campers with their needs as well.

Campers have access to all Lake Carroll campground amenities during their stay, and one of our finest is just a few minutes’ walk from the camp grounds. The recreational complex has tennis courts, the Plum Tree Lodge (with a gym and game rooms) and two pools. The outdoor pool has family-friendly features such as geysers and a 50-foot waterslide while the indoor pool is handicapped accessible and operates year round.

You can also easily hop onto the ATV trail, which is a barrel of fun in its own right and will take you right to the beach.

When it’s time to go, there’s even a Lake Carroll camping storage area where you can keep your home away from home until you’re ready to use it again.