Fawn Ridge Horse


There’s still dew on the grass, and the light has that magical quality you only see in the early morning. The sun is peeking through the leaves as you turn down the trail to the equestrian center, its rays dappling everything around.

As you pull in, horses scattered in several paddocks pointedly ignore you. Grazing is a higher priority than your presence at the moment. But the miniature horses in their separate pasture have their eyes locked on you from the moment they can see your truck. You see, visitors often mean carrots, and they love carrots. That’s why you brought some. You park and pay them a short visit, petting their shaggy manes before turning away to your main reason you came.

When you walk to the fence of the pasture where “the bigs” are kept, your chestnut mare is already at the fence waiting for you. “Good morning, girl,” you say as you pat her neck. “How about some exercise?” She nickers in response.

Soon you’ll be saddled up and gone. Can there be any better way to start the day?

No community nestled in the splendid pastoral countryside of Northwest Illinois would be complete without the opportunity for riding. That’s why Lake Carroll Equestrian Club has two ways to bring your equine friends along when you make “the great escape.”

Equastrian Facility

Lake Carroll Equestrian Club Facility

This home for your horse is secluded in shady woods near our western marina, which means it’s just minutes from any home in Lake Carroll. We understand horseback riding in Illinois is a way of life. Our fenced pastures allow horses to roam, graze and play, and a trail route at the rear of the complex makes for a convenient exit when you’re ready to ride. And even when you’re not up for riding, children adore our resident miniature horses. They’re always ready for a snack of baby carrots.

We also have an active Lake Carroll Equestrian Club for property owners. These volunteers maintain the facility and sponsor fun events throughout the year.

Two Horses in Stable

Equestrian Homes

For those who prefer to horse around at home (sorry, we couldn’t resist), we have a number of properties that are zoned for equestrian activities. With a paddock right outside your door and room to ride, enjoying horseback riding in Illinois becomes even easier and more satisfying.