fawnridge fishing


Sometimes you forget how much you enjoy the morning quiet. It’s not silent, though. You can hear the birds calling to each other and the lap of the water on the boat. You got an early start and reached your favorite spot for fishing in Illinois not long after the sun touched it. There’s been little conversation, but that’s not because you the two of you lack things to say. No, it seems odd to disturb the tranquility here, like speaking too loudly in a cathedral.

But now there’s sudden sound, the ploop of a bobber and the zip-whir of line. You take the rod in hand and you and your daughter share eager smiles. As you tighten your grip on your line and set the hook, you realize it feels like a big one. You know there are northern pike three feet long and bigger in here. Time to see if you can bring one home.

A big lake should include big opportunities for anglers, so of course Lake Carroll does making fishing one of our favorite activities. Let’s look at why so many have gotten hooked (pun intended) on fishing in Illinois by our great lake and its finned inhabitants.

Plentiful and diverse fish population

There are numerous species in the lake, and they include largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, yellow perch, bluegill, crappie, walleye, catfish, northern pike and muskie. In short, there’s not only enough fish to go around, but the right ones for every skill level.

Lake Carroll Fishing

Easy access

It’s not only easy to get into the lake via our two marinas, there are over a dozen no-wake bays on the lake, perfect for lake carroll fishing from boat, dock or shore. You can find a spot where they’re always biting and you’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful terrain in the Midwest. There’s nowhere else better for fishing in Illinois.

Fishing Hatchery

The Fishing Club and Hatchery

This club isn’t sitting around swapping fish stories. They’re an active part of making Lake Carroll an angler’s paradise. Club volunteers operate our fish hatchery, restocking the lake season after season. They build rock reefs to create new places for fish to congregate--before they end up in your boat, that is. And they promote the sport through fishing derbies for kids and couples.

All this and more is available to every Lake Carroll property owner, so schedule a tour of Northwest Illinois’ best kept secret today.