Lake Carroll Golf

Golf Course

The afternoon sun warms your face, and you carefully adjust the brim of your hat to shade your eyes. Then, even more carefully, you adjust your stance, your grip and your swing.


Thok! The ball rockets away off the head of your club, soaring in a long arc to land on the 18th green. There we go! That time spent on the driving range is really starting to pay off, and you manage to get this hole with a single putt.

True, the round you shot this afternoon won’t get you on the PGA Tour, but you’re satisfied with it. And more than that, you have the satisfaction of time well spent, enjoying a gorgeous day of exercise and friendly competition in scenic surroundings at the Lake Carroll Golf Course. Rolling hills, scenic valleys and new challenges met: What more could you ask for?

From the beginning, the Lake Carroll Golf Course has been one of the crowning jewels of a lovely community.

Magnificent Golf Course Lake Carroll

A magnificent course

Nestled just east of the lakeshore, this semi-private 6,477 yard course was created to be used by players of any skill level, with features to challenge the accomplished player and delight the newcomer. You’ll find it’s beautifully maintained, but more than that, it’s just plain beautiful. From every tee and green, you’ll admire the breathtaking beauty of the region, whether it’s a lake view, a wooded vale or lovely countryside.

Lake Carroll Golf Course

No Greens Fees

Best of all, Lake Carroll property owners never pay membership fees or greens fees. If you’re an avid golfer, that alone might justify joining the Lake Carroll family! Contact us at Fawnridge Realty today to become a part of our community.

Gold Pro Shop Lake Carroll

Pro Shop

If you can name a quality brand of golf equipment, the Lake Carroll Pro Shop is likely to carry it and our helpful staff will help you select just the right item. Get equipped and get that score down!

Golf lessons and driving range Lake Carroll

Lessons and Driving Range

Speaking of lowering your score, our golf pros offer 30 minute lessons for golfers of any age, either singly or in groups. They have couples lessons, too. Once that swing has been improved, practice it on our driving range to make it perfect.

Golf Course Lake Carroll

Other benefits

The Lake Carroll Golf Course staff hosts a number of fun outings throughout the season, and will gladly help make the arrangements for any outing that involves 30 or more golfers. Watch our blog to get a heads up on upcoming events.

Need a cart? You can rent one from the Lake Carroll Golf Course, of course. Have one of your own? The course storage facility is available, and you can drive to the course from your house. And it goes without saying that you can find delicious dining and drinks in our clubhouse.

Our team at Fawnridge Realty knows our way around the green, so if you are interested in purchasing a new club from the Lake Carroll Pro Shop and exploring the course, give us a call today.