fawnridge elk


The whispering breeze cools you a bit as the sun warms the back of your neck. This morning you chose to explore nature through the trailside views of Lake Carroll. You hiked up the ATV trail knowing this would be the reward for your efforts, and it was worth every step. The picturesque countryside of Northwest Illinois is spread out like a tapestry before you, and you can turn your head and gaze down at the lake as well.

Squirrels chittered and jumped from tree to tree as a doe and her fawns skirt the area. And whether you’re trailside on Lake Carroll or looking out your kitchen window, the change in the seasons is part of the show. Today everything was about warm sun and a million shades of green, but the blazing reds, oranges and yellows of autumn are just a few weeks off, and when the snows come the tapestry will turn white, but be no less beautiful.

Speaking of the lake, you plan to be on the water later today. Time to get moving so you can get home and change out of your hiking boots first. Last time you were out in the boat you watched deer lunching on brush near the shore. What will you see today? At Lake Carroll, you never can tell, but you do know it will be beautiful.

Few places in nature can hope to match the beauty of lake country, which is why the natural environment trailside along Lake Carroll’s 5,200 acres is both a whole recreational amenity by itself and part of every recreational experience.

Nature easy access

Easy Access To Natural Beauty

Every property owner can enjoy all of the pleasures and treasures the Lake Carroll offers, and this Fawnridge Realty community was designed with to showcase the delightful natural environment of Northwest Illinois and make it easy to experience. That’s why two different marinas are located adjacent to main roads and are just a few minutes from any home in Lake Carroll. The state’s largest private lake will let you do everything from watching ducks to reeling in walleye to snowmobiling on the icy surface.

That desire to showcase nature is also the reason 15 miles of trails wend their way around the entire Lake Carroll community, giving ATV riders, snowmobilers and hikers a chance to simply look trailside and view the natural world anytime they wish. And if you choose to build or buy a home here, you’ll be able to choose a location that lets you lookout each day onto some lovely part of creation, whether it’s a lake view or scenic rolling hills and woods.

Nature in every Amenity

Nature In Every Amenity

One of the joys of living here is that you can experience nature every time you use the many recreational facilities. Nothing at Lake Carroll is isolated from the surrounding beauty. The golf course was designed to incorporate the natural scenery of the region and the club house looks out on wooded groves. The ski area and aquatic center sit atop a hill that offers a view of farm country and woodlands that is as beautiful as anything in the Midwest. Other amenities, such as camp grounds, the equestrian facility, and the simple experience of hearing nature crunch beneath your feet as you walk trailside along Lake Carroll pathways will get you right in the thick of the outdoor experience.