You can still feel a bit of the chill from outside, but the hot cocoa is chasing it away. That’s good, because the view is making you want to head back to the slope as soon as you can.

Skiing & snow tubing in Illinois is a delightful winter pastime. Standing on the back deck of Plumtree Lodge, you can see all the activity on the Lake Carroll Ski Hill slopes. Snowboarders carve their way down the slope and leap into the air. Skiers shush and weave, snow spraying up at the edge of each turn. They all have about twice as much slope to use now, because of an increase in snowmaking capacity. You can’t see the sun that is setting behind the lodge, but you can see it will be dark soon. That’s no problem, tonight is one of the nights when skiing goes on under the lights.

Do you enjoy skiing & snow tubing in Illinois as a spectator sport? The most fun thing to watch is the tube tow. Riders come up the Lake Carroll ski hill, pulled by a tow conveyor. At the top of the run, staff members help them unclip their tube, then give them a spin and push down the hill. Delighted children of all ages shout with joy as they speed down the slope.

Beyond them all is a magnificent view of rural winter wonderland, stretching to the horizon. You take one last look at it, drain your cup and head for the tube tow. Why not feel like a little kid again? After all, skiing & snow tubing in Illinois is not just for the young, it’s also for the young at heart.

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When we say Lake Carroll is a four season recreational community, we mean our property owners can play just as hard in the winter as they do the rest of the year.

Snowboarding, Skiing & Snow Tubing in Illinois

A meticulously groomed ski run gives skiers and snowboarders of every skill level a chance to enjoy one of the greatest recreational rushes of any season. Natural and man-made jumps, ramps and embankments of our Lake Carroll ski hill give snowboarders a place to leap and spin. And our snowmaking machinery guarantees that you’ll always have an excellent snowpack to romp on throughout the winter months.

Tube Tow

Whether you’re a non-skier or a downhill veteran of skiing & snow tubing in Illinois and you’re looking for a simple joy, the tube tow is a must. Soar downhill in a provided tube, then ascend the hill via the tow to do it all over again! In fact, you can see the fun going on at the tube tow via this web cam.

Special Events

The Lake Carroll ski hill is open for skiing under the lights several times each winter, extending your fun long into the night. Another not-to-be missed event is the annual Winterfest. Held in January, it features some serious racing and not-so-serious events like cardboard box sled racing.

The Lodge

The Plumtree Lodge is a facility used for multi-purposes at Lake Carroll throughout the year. By far the best feature is the spectacular view of the surrounding countryside from the rear deck. The lodge also provides a great room with a massive floor to ceiling stone fireplace, ski rentals and a workout area. During ski hill hours, you’ll be able to stop in and warm up with snacks, hot cocoa and beverages of a more adult nature.

Winter Fun Off The Hill

Looking for fun beyond Skiing & Snow Tubing in Illinois? Our 15 miles of ATV trail are ideal for snowmobiling as well, letting you enjoy the natural beauty of the Northwest Illinois countryside all year round. Winter usually brings a thick and solid ice cover to our lake. That means there’s 636 acres of additional snowmobiling room, plus opportunities for ice fishing (see below). There’s ample room in the community for cross country skiing as well. Whether you prefer to bundle up for riding or bait a hook for a bass, winter just means a new way of having a good time.

Ice Fishing

The fantastic fishing at Lake Carroll doesn’t end when the snow falls. Thick ice cover in most winters give angler’s an opportunity to extend their season year round. Our Fishing Club keeps the lake well stocked, and bass, yellow perch, crappie, walleye and catfish are just a few of the species you can haul up from under the ice.

Properties for Sale

Looking for property near skiing & snow tubing in Illinois? Ready for winter fun? All properties at Lake Carroll grant the owner access to our Lake Carroll ski hill and recreational complex, including the properties listed below.

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