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The Lake

Spring is here. As you walk out on the dock, you notice movement off to your right. You turn your head to see fish jumping on beautiful Lake Carroll, IL. Another motion past them catches your eye and you glance up to see a doe leading her fawn up a section of wooded slope. In the city, having “wild neighbors” is an aggravation, but here at our community, it’s a special benefit.

Soon you’ll be out there enjoying the water in your favorite of all the lakes in Illinois. You think about the year before, when you and the kids went jet skiing and tubing. Then there were the times when their suits hadn’t quite dried out from the morning swim before they were putting them back on for an afternoon dip. So often those dips would become marathon sessions; they would swim and play near the end of the dock until long after their fingers had wrinkled like prunes.

You can pick out your favorite spot in one of the bays of Lake Carroll, IL, where you were ice fishing not long ago. You’ll be out there again soon. Maybe one of those jumping fish will be on the end of your line, but whatever happens, you know you’ll enjoy yourself.

It certainly is going to be a long, long season. With that thought, you smile and walk back toward shore.

Lake Carroll Lake Selection

A Great Lake

There’s a lot going on at Lake Carroll, IL, but the best moments happen on the water. There’s 636 acres of it, by the way, 55 feet deep at the deepest point and surrounded by 22 miles of shoreline. It’s the largest of the privately held lakes in Illinois and it will provide the scenic backdrop for outstanding lake properties you can own and enjoy for a lifetime.

Lake Carroll Water Sports

Water Activities

Lake Carroll, IL allows you to have just the sort of watersport fun and/or relaxation you wish. Anything from lying on a beach or taking a relaxing swim to speedboating at full throttle with plenty of room to maneuver. Tubing, water skiing, jet ski riding, pontoon boating and fishing are all available here for every property owner, and so is a free beach area perfect for swimming.

And our two marinas make access simple and convenient. The west marina is located in the northwest corner of the lake, next to the dam, while east marina is at the eastern extreme of the lake’s southern branch. Both are adjacent to main roads.

What about winter? Like most lakes in Illinois, Lake Carroll’s ice cover is solid and thick most winters, so it’s common to see residents ice fishing or snowmobiling during the winter months.

Lake Carroll Properties

Many Fawnridge Realty Inc Properties

Lake Carroll can serve as a “great escape” from the pressures of the work week, a summer getaway or the centerpiece of a year-round lifestyle. And you get to choose how it fits into your life and financial plans. A lake view house with a panoramic vista of the changing seasons, or perhaps a shoreline home with a dock of your own? How about a lot that allows you access to the lake, marinas, recreational facilities and campgrounds? Any of these can be yours, your piece of a paradise in America’s heartland.