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Making Green Home Improvements

In Green Living, Home Improvement, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

If your 2020 is looking anything like ours, you’ve probably got a few home improvement projects on the back burner that are ready to kick into high gear. Home improvements can add to the beauty and functionality of your home. Often, home solutions can also incorporate another factor: being more sustainable. Sustainable “green” design is calibrated to significantly reduce energy usage and makes use of …

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Is 2020 A Good Year to Buy a Home?

In Lake Carroll, Real Estate, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

Happy New Year! The start of the year is always when experts reach for their crystal balls and forecast what trends the housing market will see. Basing their expectations on current trends, expert predictions can offer some insight into the twists and turns of real estate, although sometimes things don’t roll out quite as planned! Let’s take a look at where we might be headed …

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

In Home Improvement, Lake Carroll by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

As the calendar rolls into a new year and a new decade what a better time to start fresh. Now is the time to invest in habits and a lifestyle that will nourish and support your dreams for the next year. It is true that the 2020 is just a number but now is as a good as any to get your home affairs in …

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Preparing Your Vacation Home for Winter

In Home Improvement, Lake Carroll, Vacation Homes & Real Estate by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

Closing up your Carroll County vacation home for winter requires more than just ensuring you have locked the doors and thrown out the trash. Because a properly prepared house will withstand months of vacancy, you must ensure it will be ready for you to enjoy when you return in the spring. Doing so is the only way to protect your financial investment from such things …

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Tips for Fishing in Freshwater Lakes

In Activities, Fishing, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

When the dog days of summer set in, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a day of fishing out on beautiful Lake Carroll. The waters of our large private lake are stocked each season with a variety of freshwater species like northern pike and largemouth bass for fantastic sport fishing. Whether you are new to fishing or an old hand at it, keeping in mind …

Explore Illinois’ Driftless Region

In Activities, Attractions, Lake Carroll, Nature, Research, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

Geologically unique in Illinois is the gorgeous terrain of the Driftless Region – so called because the 10,000 square mile area was untouched by glacial drift which flattened much of the Midwest’s landscape during the last Ice Age. Instead of flat prairie, the Driftless region is marked by striking rock formations, rolling hills and lush natural beauty. If you’ve never explored Illinois’ northwest corner, you’ll …

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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

In Buying & Selling, Lake Carroll, Research, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

The time has come to sell your home – but how does selling work? Many people go into the selling process assuming it takes less planning and consideration than buying, but to get a great price for your property and to sell it quickly requires commitment and organization. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when selling your home. Doing Renovations That Don’t Count …

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A First Time Home-Buyer’s Guide

In Buying & Selling, Lake Carroll, Real Estate, Research, Resource, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

Thinking about buying your first home? Buying a house can be exciting – but it can be intimidating too. There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to finding the right place from big things like cost and location to detail-oriented work like getting your financial records in order and scheduling inspections. All in all, buying a home can be simpler if …