Meet Gary Shellhause

Gary knows the territory of Lake Carroll from the ground up… in his youth he traveled rustic roads that are now at the bottom of the Lake! Born and raised nearby in Lanark, Illinois, he has a lifetime of knowledge necessary for you and your family to create new beginnings in beautiful Northwest Illinois.

Gary attended Southern Illinois University, graduating with a BS in Animal Science and a minor in Business. He settled in Milledgeville, Illinois to start a family and launch a farm business. From farming, his interests led him into the financial world as an investment planner with IDS/American Express.

His successful marketing skills were soon discovered by one of his investment clients. That client was a representative of the Patten Corporation of Lake Carroll, who invited Gary to help grow the company with his remarkable salesmanship, quick wit and genuine concern for his customers.

In 1992, three of the top Patten representatives (Wayne Wilhelm, Gary Shellhause and Larry Moser) formed Fawnridge Realty and Land Co., Inc. Lake Carroll soon became known in the Chicagoland area as northern Illinois’ best kept “secret”. A new office complex was built at the Lake’s entrance and remains the home of Fawnridge Realty & Land Co., Inc. to this day.