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5 Ways to Make Your House More Eco-Friendly in 2021

In Energy Saving, Green Living, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

The past year has seen a big surge of home improvement taking place across the country. With homeowners around the house more, it can be easier to see projects that need to be done as well as upgrades that can make a living space more comfortable. One signature feature consumers are looking for this year in all areas of home improvement is sustainability. Making the …

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How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Home Renovation Trends

In Home Decoration, Home Improvement, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

The global pandemic has changed our lives in innumerable ways, and one of the most fundamental shifts is a big increase in the hours we spend at home. It should be no surprise then that this past year saw a huge increase in home improvements with people seeking to adapt and upgrade their space.  In 2020 over 70% of households reported undertaking a significant home …

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Sprucing Up Your Home in 2021

In Gardening, Green Living, Home Decoration, Home Improvement, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

We’re putting quite a year behind us this month and it’s hard to believe it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions again. This year, why not make resolutions for your home? Focusing on resolutions around the house can give you the motivation to transform your home in lasting ways. We’d even encourage you to start the year off by taking a few “before” pictures to …

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Ideas for Indoor Home Improvement Projects

In Home Improvement, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

With the ongoing efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all looking for ways to make use of this unprecedented time. While it is traditionally time to get ready for spring cleaning, this year probably looks a little different for most people. Even though you may not be able to browse for new furniture or pick out shrubs at the local garden center, there are …

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Making Green Home Improvements

In Green Living, Home Improvement, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

If your 2020 is looking anything like ours, you’ve probably got a few home improvement projects on the back burner that are ready to kick into high gear. Home improvements can add to the beauty and functionality of your home. Often, home solutions can also incorporate another factor: being more sustainable. Sustainable “green” design is calibrated to significantly reduce energy usage and makes use of …

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Is 2020 A Good Year to Buy a Home?

In Lake Carroll, Real Estate, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

Happy New Year! The start of the year is always when experts reach for their crystal balls and forecast what trends the housing market will see. Basing their expectations on current trends, expert predictions can offer some insight into the twists and turns of real estate, although sometimes things don’t roll out quite as planned! Let’s take a look at where we might be headed …

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Tips for Fishing in Freshwater Lakes

In Activities, Fishing, Lake Carroll, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

When the dog days of summer set in, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a day of fishing out on beautiful Lake Carroll. The waters of our large private lake are stocked each season with a variety of freshwater species like northern pike and largemouth bass for fantastic sport fishing. Whether you are new to fishing or an old hand at it, keeping in mind …

Explore Illinois’ Driftless Region

In Activities, Attractions, Lake Carroll, Nature, Research, Tips & Tricks by Fawnridge Realty, Inc.

Geologically unique in Illinois is the gorgeous terrain of the Driftless Region – so called because the 10,000 square mile area was untouched by glacial drift which flattened much of the Midwest’s landscape during the last Ice Age. Instead of flat prairie, the Driftless region is marked by striking rock formations, rolling hills and lush natural beauty. If you’ve never explored Illinois’ northwest corner, you’ll …