Green Improvements for Your Home

Green Improvements for Your Home

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When you are a homeowner, you know there’s always something that needs a little work or could stand to be replaced. Are you taking advantage of more sustainable home options when repairs and upkeep arise? Using “green” improvements in your home often means options that are more efficient, longer-lasting and created with well-managed renewable resources in the environment. Many environmentally friendly home improvements save you money in the long term with better energy efficiency for your home.

Where do you start? For almost every aspect of your home, there are now earth-friendly, (and energy-bill-friendly!) ways to upgrade your space. Here’s a few options to consider when your next big home project comes up.


Solar Energy

Solar panels are a big investment for a home, but they have the benefit of a long lifespan and long-term energy savings that definitely add up over time. Depending on where your home is located, installing solar power on your home may come with big rebates that take a bite out of your upfront costs.

Most solar energy installations don’t take you off the grid. Instead, the power generated by your panels is fed into the power grid for your area and then your power contribution is credited to your electric bill. For many homeowners with solar power installed, big electric bills become a thing of the past.


Smart Thermostat

Today it seems like almost everything has an option to be “smart” but one smart device that is truly genius is new smart thermostats. A smart thermostat automatically optimizes your home temperature for your comfort while minimizing your energy bills. Smart thermostats can use geofencing to automatically detect when you are out of the house, or they can be controlled remotely with a simple smartphone app.

If a smart thermostat doesn’t seem like a wise choice for you, you can still reap some of their benefits by installing a programmable thermostat. Using preset temperatures and times, you can reduce your energy bills by powering your home down at night and when you are out of the house. Programmed settings eliminate the chore of remembering to adjust the thermostat 2-4 times a day.


Energy Star Appliances

If you are looking to hack your energy bill, try working with Energy Star appliances and products when replacing something in your home. Energy Star products are well-vetted to be some of the top-performing most efficient items available and Energy Star rankings span a wide range of home repair and renovation categories from refrigerators to window panes.

Better still, many Energy Star products are eligible for big rebates. Depending on where you live and the products you are considering, rebates for energy efficient home upgrades can help your plans come in under budget.


Sustainable Bamboo

When you are looking for the warm tones that wood brings to a home interior, think about using wood sourced from sustainable forestry practices. One wood that is durable and versatile is bamboo, which grows quickly and can be used for any number of home purposes from paneling to flooring. Bamboo takes 3-5 years to grow into a mature wood, making it far quicker to harvest than other trees. It is pliable and can be shaped and stained to fit many types of projects.


Update Your Water Heater

More and more people are getting wise to the benefits of tankless water heaters. Large container, 50-gallon water heaters work by keeping a great deal of water hot and ready regardless of how much it is used. By contrast, tankless heaters heat water only when it is needed and can deliver hot water within seconds. Better still, most tankless heaters take up far less space and use far less energy than traditional designs.


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