HGTV House Hunters Featuring Lake Carroll – Airs Feb. 26th

Last year I was contacted by HGTV House Hunters regarding filming an episode at Lake Carroll. After working through several interviews and clients it happened!!!! One of my clients got selected for an episode and the rest is history!

Our adventure began last October when the House Hunter filming crews showed up at Lake Carroll.

Jimmy and Amy Holt had been looking for a lake house and decided to check out Lake Carroll.  I was fortunate enough to have the Holt’s for clients.  I have been selling real estate at Lake Carroll for close to 14 years and also live at the lake full-time.  This was a great chance to promote the community.

Jimmy and Amy had narrowed their search to 3 homes.  They were hoping to finalize their decision that week

Our first day of filming was probably the most interesting.  None if us really knew what to expect.  That was going to change quickly.  Kevin, the crew manager, quickly took us thru a brief Filming 101 class.

  1. Each shot will be done 3 times
  2. Never look directly at the camera
  3. Try to say the same thing for each shot
  4. Lunch is important, where will we get food?

So it began.  The days were long.  I think we did more than 3 takes on each shot that first day.   Jimmy, Amy and I were extremely happy when Kevin called “lunch”, but we still had a ways to go.

As the afternoon progressed we all started to feel a bit more comfortable.  Jimmy, who loves to joke around, started to ad-lib a bit.  Kevin even found his jokes amusing.

The next two days were spent viewing more homes. Our “film family” had all grown comfortable with us.  Jimmy, Amy and I could anticipate what we had to do when viewing a home.  By the time they had finished looking at the houses not only did we feel like we knew what we were doing….the Holt’s felt they had found a house for their family.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what house they picked.  For that you will have to watch the show which airs Feb. 26th on HGTV HOUSE HUNTERS, episode Lake Carroll Il. at 9:00 p.m. CST.  You may need to check your local listings to see when it airs for you.

After you watch the show, check us out at  Give me a call and come on out to see what Lake Carroll is all about.

Thanks, Cyndy Griffin    815-238-7597


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