Ideas for Indoor Home Improvement Projects

With the ongoing efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all looking for ways to make use of this unprecedented time. While it is traditionally time to get ready for spring cleaning, this year probably looks a little different for most people. Even though you may not be able to browse for new furniture or pick out shrubs at the local garden center, there are plenty of things to do at home that will make your space more livable.


Tidying Up

Seems like a little “life changing magic” wouldn’t hurt anyone these days. Our first tip for upgrading your home while staying indoors is to tackle big and small tidying and decluttering projects. It’s a great time to assess the objects in your life and get rid of things you don’t need while organizing the things you love. 

A bookshelf or a closet are both great places to start an organizational odyssey. Take everything out of its regular spot and make sure it is in good condition. Start pruning your possessions, and making sure as you tidy your space that things are put in places where they are easy to access and maintain when you need them. 

Before you put anything back on a shelf or in a drawer or closet, be sure to do a deep clean into hard-to-reach spaces that you can’t get to when a shelf is full. Cleaning the spaces as you go can also inspire you to try new arrangements of furniture or ways of organizing.

If you only have a little time on your hands for a home project, why not try to tackle a disorganized junk drawer or tool box? Making sure things are arranged so they can be easily found means sorting and labeling, as well as finding a logical place for your objects to live. Think about where and how often you use things when figuring out how to prioritize your belongings.

It is also a good time to take things out of storage to clean and organize. Pulling things out helps you take stock of things you don’t often use and prevents stored things from getting unmanageable. It helps to pull things out and reorganize them as you go before putting lesser-used items back in storage. 



Giving your home a fresh look doesn’t always mean new, new, new. In fact, you can breathe new life into almost any room simply by rearranging your furniture. Now is a great time to try out a playful idea or even just see how your bed feels when you rotate it ninety degrees. 

Think outside the box and experiment to see if furniture in one room would be better suited in another. Depending on your home, rearranging furniture may take a few days – or just a few hours, but making the effort to thoughtfully rearrange your furniture can give your home a makeover from the inside out. You’ll probably be surprised at things you’ve taken for granted in your furniture set up – and how fresh they look when you move them!


Deep Cleaning

When you get down to it, one of the biggest ways to give your interior a facelift is undertaking a deep cleaning. Even thorough everyday cleaning can overlook hard to reach spots. Work your way through the rooms of your house, and tackle each area with cleaning as well as minor repairs and regular maintenance. 

In the kitchen, for example, it’s a great time to do a thorough cleaning of your small appliances where oil and dust can build up in hard-to-reach grooves or vents. Take on maintenance like defrosting and organizing your freezer, wiping down the back of your fridge and scrubbing your oven. The kitchen is full of smaller items that need regular upkeep as well. Wash and polish dishes, glassware and silverware. Oil wooden cutting boards and maintain countertop surfaces. 


Uniquely You

Transforming a house into your home is an art and personalizing your space will help you feel grounded and at home there. This season, why not emphasize your favorite things in the way you set up your space. Whether that means having your favorite books within easy reach, hanging up your favorite pictures or designing a room around important family heirlooms, your unique perspective is what will truly make your space yours.