Buyers Tips


Consider personal factors
Examine your needs and current situation so you have a firm grasp on what your goals should be as you start your journey to buy your dream house at Lake Carroll. Consider your reasons for buying your dream house, what kind of home you’re looking for, your preferred location, realistic budget considerations, and other issues unique to your family’s lifestyle.


Work with a qualified Realtor®
One of the best “buyers tips” is to get someone in your corner. Your success will depend on getting solid guidance, and a trusted real estate professional will help you make informed decisions. A qualified broker knows current market conditions, will help you find and buy your dream house at Lake Carroll. They will help you determine which is your “right fit”, they will negotiate on your behalf, and they will be in frequent contact to solve potential or unforeseen problems.


Organize your finances
Lenders base their decisions on your ability to pay the home loan. A rule of thumb to secure a home is pricing it at two to three times your gross income. Your broker can help determine your comfort zone in monthly payments and suggest options for local lenders. It’s a good idea to get pre-qualified for a loan at your preferred lending institution. Though rates have risen somewhat, they are still historically favorable levels for home buyers.


Begin your home search
There are a lot of factors that go into your search to buy your dream house. A top-rated broker will help you zero in on the right property to fit your goals and needs. A house needs to fit your family lifestyle and provide enough space without being so it busts your budget. You’ll also need to narrow down how important home value appreciation is to you, the type of home you prefer (two-story, ranch, modern, traditional, etc.), the kind of location you want (lakeside, secluded, wooded, flat terrain, quiet street, etc.), and whether there are any crucial amenities, such as a deck or certain size garage.


Make an offer
Now you’ve found the Lake Carroll home you hope can be yours and you’re ready to buy your dream house. Guidance and explanation can be critical to understanding the offer process, so during this stage you‘ll lean heavily on your broker’s experience. List price is a general base for determining the home’s value. Analyze neighborhood comparable values on recent sales. Consider any home improvements made and negotiable features to help arrive at a fair price.


Close the deal
Your Realtor® broker will help with closing documents, review contract clauses and terms, deposit amount, establish possession and closing dates and address all your questions about the closing process. Be sure to stay in close contact with your broker and complete all paperwork promptly well before the actual closing takes place. Welcome home!