New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

As the calendar rolls into a new year and a new decade what a better time to start fresh. Now is the time to invest in habits and a lifestyle that will nourish and support your dreams for the next year. It is true that the 2020 is just a number but now is as a good as any to get your home affairs in order so your home can work for you as opposed as you working for your home. This year here are five resolutions for your home that you’re going to want to keep.

Clean and organize room by room

New Year’s is a perfect time to do a deep cleanse of your home. Cleaning is always a great place to start, but creating real change in your home will require you to take it a step further and organize each room so everything has it’s own place.  Anything that you don’t feel is useful any more should be donated.  Material belongings can be very helpful if they have a function or they bring you joy.  If the items you are holding on to are doing neither it is time to let those things go.  Something that hasn’t seen the light of day for an entire year (or more) is something that you’ve spent an entire year proving to yourself that you don’t really need. The important part about this step is to be methodical. Don’t just start ripping open closets and drawers and pulling everything out. You’ll wear yourself out much sooner than you might expect, and the pile of things that will end up sitting on the floor is more likely to discourage rather than encourage you.  Take on each room as a separate project and methodically organize your life.

Cut down the use of energy.

How about trying to improve the planet while you’re improving home?  Not only is this an investment in reducing your carbon footprint but an investment in your home that could mean a long-term reduction in your energy bills. You could start with solar panels or replacing your windows with a more up to date model, but those are not the only things that can make a difference. Even small things like remembering to turn off lights when you’re not using them and turn the taps off when you’re brushing your teeth make a world of difference.

Make Your Home Safer

It’s better to be safe than sorry, which surely applies to your home security! If you want to add more safety features to your home but can’t seem to follow through, make it one of your top priorities in this next year. Make sure all your fire and carbon monoxide detectors are working and installed correctly. Installing a security camera system will give you peace of mind, so you can make sure your home and your family is safe and sound.

Get your finances in order

2020 could be the year you finally get your finances sorted out. Just a little bit of commitment to your money issues will open your financial options in so many ways. Creating a yearly budget will help a lot. That way, you know how much you’ll need to spend this year and will also help to avoid overspending. Do not forget to allocate some budget for improvement and maintenance of your house. Sound financial health is assured when you are aware of the money your are bringing in and when you do not overspend the money that you have worked hard to earn.

Work out a weekly home system

Enlist the help of every family member to help your house run smoothly. If there is a system in place at the beginning of the year that everyone in the household can get on board with, the work of maintaining the house will work for everyone.  Hold a family meeting before the kids go back to school and agree a range of age-appropriate tasks which can be undertaken at a specific time each week; remind them that the time they invest in the home can make everyone’s time more functional. This year is full of potential for you, your family and your home.