Preparing for Winter Sports

Winter’s here, and in beautiful Lake Carroll that means it’s the season for winter sports. Our crisp winter weather and gorgeous natural surroundings are the perfect backdrop for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice fishing. Are you ready for winter fun? Here’s some tips to make sure you have a safe and active season outdoors.

Get Ready to Ski

There’s no winter sport more popular than skiing, with good reason. The thrill of the swooshing down the slopes is just the starting point for an exhilarating sport that involves grace and coordination. Improving how you ski takes more than just equipment; it takes practice and muscle balance. Getting ready for the ski season means focusing on your core strength and balancing the muscle tone in your legs.

Starting with a core strengthening aquatics workout can help keep your whole body in shape and ready for the slopes. When planning a workout, many skiers recommend routines that strengthen your hamstrings. Step and stair climbing routines as well as lunges help develop and tone your hamstrings which, alongside strong quadriceps help you maintain control on skis.

When you come to Lake Carroll for skiing, opportunities abound. With ski hills for all levels and copious cross-country trails, skiing at Lake Carroll is always a highlight of the winter season.

Get Ready to Ice Fish

When it comes to planning your winter ice fishing, safety comes first. Ice fishing at Lake Carroll is an annual tradition that takes advantage of our great fishing opportunities all year round. If you are new to ice fishing, it’s important to know the basics before you go.

Ice needs to be at least 4” thick or more to be safe to walk on, and double that to be safe to drive on. Water doesn’t always freeze evenly. Depending on the weather, ice can be thinner in certain areas, especially around the edges. Snow on top of ice may seem simply seasonal, but snow buildup can compromise the strength of the ice with its weight and insulation.

To avoid accidents in freezing water, don’t ice fish alone. Go with friends, but spread out so your weight isn’t concentrated in one area of the ice. It is also important to bring a pair of ice spikes. Ice spikes worn around your neck can save your life. If you fall through ice you can use the spikes to get a grip on the slippery surface and pull yourself to safety. Want to know more about ice fishing at Lake Carroll? Our local Fishing Club can help you learn the ropes and enjoy our beautiful fishing lake all season long.

Get Ready to Snowboard

Balance, flexibility and the ability to rotate your body and limbs are key to snowboarding success. How do you attain the agility you need? A great way to train your body for the snowboarding season is workouts that strengthen your core while helping you maintain strong and limber joints.

Try doing hops with 90-degree twists to help emphasize the rotation of your body. Squats help your hips, ankles and knees increase their resilience and flexibility to help prevent injuries. Adding a weight lift to your squats, like lifting a medicine ball, helps to give you a total body workout and inner core strength.

Incorporating fitness routines like yoga and Pilates can make you a better snowboarder as well. Gains in flexibility, balance and bodily control give you the strength you need to perfect your snowboarding on the slopes. Remember before you bundle up and head out, do a thorough stretching routine with several balance exercises incorporated into it. You’ll love the results!

Winter Sports at Lake Carroll

Getting ready for winter sports – and participating in them – is easy this year if you are part of the Lake Carroll community. Our centrally located Plumtree Lodge is the key to your winter fitness. With a full indoor fitness center and indoor aquatics complex, getting in shape and warming up for the trails and slopes is simple.

Indoor fitness equipment is available to all community members age 16 and up and the indoor pool is the perfect place to get exercising in even when the temperatures dip. When you are ready to strap on your skis, the Lake Carroll ski slope is right there. Don’t forget to end the day with a smile at the Clubhouse Restaurant or lounging next to the Lodge’s oversized fireplace.