Selling your home can be more emotional than buying a home. It’s important to know the reasons why you’re selling, urgency (or lack of) in the sale, your home’s condition and other critical factors that may affect the sale. Our brokers at Fawnridge Realty, Inc. have all been on your side of the desk in selling homes.

Having that personal experience and through years of real estate training, our brokers are ready to discuss the steps needed to prepare your home for sale at the most competitive price point, with multiple listings, targeted online marketing and a generous portion of TLC.

Fawnridge Realty has been the #1 seller of homes and lots at Lake Carroll for over 22 consecutive years. Remove the stress and uncertainty from list to closing. Contact us today… a buyer is waiting out there!

Smart Steps to Selling Your Home


Prep your home for sale
Sprucing up your home can go a long way towards making the best possible impression on potential buyers. Imagine you’re seeing your home for the first time — just as a buyer would do. Take some notes as you walk around inside and outside the house. Your notes will reflect what the buyer will notice. It’s time to repair or replace those little things that have been ‘bugging’ you. Your Fawnridge Realty broker will also make suggestions based on solid experience in what attracts and what turns off buyers.


Price your home
Pricing is king. Most home sellers often tend to overprice, or less often to underprice the home. The key is having a pricing strategy to sell at a competitive local market price. So, how do you do that? Your Fawnridge Realty broker knows the local housing market better than any average homeowner. Today, over 92% of serious buyers are actively doing online research, watching the market like hawks. They’re looking for the best value for their money. That’s what you want to give them.


Stage your home
Staging is similar but not the same as prepping. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What you may think is attractive could be not so much for the buyer. Staging involves a number of activities, such as: improving the “flow” of a room, re-arranging or removing furniture, creating environments that are neutral and clean – free of clutter, eliminating any pet odors, improving “curb appeal” and maybe more. Again, consult with your Fawnridge Realty broker to plan your staging ideas.


Market your home
A strong marketing plan for your home from the day of listing is a must. Fawnridge Realty brokers recognize that the vast majority of potential home buyers begin their home search online. The best appearance of your home in MLS searches is vital. Your broker will explain and suggest the proper use of interior and exterior photographs, virtual tours, targeted online marketing using video where possible, Facebook advertising, open houses, and broker tours.


Close the sale
You’ve agreed to a fair offer for your home and now there are steps to complete the sale. Your Fawnridge Realty broker has completed many closings and will help you every step of the way to the closing table. These steps will normally include working with the buyer to establish an earnest money deposit, escrow account, title search and title insurance, closing costs, home inspection, removing any contingencies and finally arriving at a date for signing the loads of papers and legal documents required in the sale. It sounds like a lot of work, but having the guidance of a trusted Realtor® can give you peace of mind to make your closing go smoothly.