Sprucing Up Your Home in 2021

We’re putting quite a year behind us this month and it’s hard to believe it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions again. This year, why not make resolutions for your home? Focusing on resolutions around the house can give you the motivation to transform your home in lasting ways. We’d even encourage you to start the year off by taking a few “before” pictures to be able to compare to 12 months from now. 

We know choosing home projects can be a daunting task – why not start with some of our ideas here?

Home Safety

First off, you can clean, organize and redecorate all year long, but if your home doesn’t have a smoke detector it could all go up in smoke. Take stock of the safety of your house. Your rooms should be equipped with smoke and CO2 detectors which can prevent tragedy. The New Year is a great time to begin an annual tradition of changing out the batteries in your safety systems. 

Other testing can tell you about your home’s safety as well. Consider having your tap water tested for lead, heavy metals and other unwanted substances. If you need to, install a filter to improve your water quality. 

Cut Energy Leaks

Winter is here which means you’ll be spending significant money to keep your home heated and comfortable. While the cold weather blowing outside may not be very pleasant, it gives you an easy way to detect drafty areas of your home. Simply follow where cold air is blowing in from. Once you’ve located drafts in your home, it’s time to repair those energy leaks – areas where your home also loses AC in the summertime. 

You can also improve your home’s efficiency by ensuring the ductwork in your house is properly sealed and insulated. This will stop air leaks and prevent harmful condensation from accumulating within the ducts.

Go Green

Commit to a green routine this year. You can go big with installing solar panels or wind turbines, or start small with steps like recycling and composting to reduce your waste. Recycling is fundamental to cutting down what goes into our wastestream, so make sure you understand local recycling rules and sort out your waste accordingly. 

If you haven’t set up a composting system for your home, this year is an excellent time to start. There are many types of composting to choose from, but they all perform the tiny miracle of breaking down your food scraps into high-quality soil for your lawn and garden. An indoor worm bin is a good way to build compost year round. A properly maintained bin is a compact and odorless way to quickly convert food scraps to soil.

Outdoor compost bins are a good way to process bulk materials like leaves and yard waste along with food scraps. Compost tumblers make turning the compost pile easy and prevent rodents and other pests from accessing your compost pile. 

Go For Greenery

While thinking green, why not enliven your living space with live plants? Houseplants have the capacity to brighten up any space. Ask your local nursery for help finding the specimens that are right  for the spaces in your home. Important things to consider are how much light they can get, the size they will want to grow to and how much care and attention they need to thrive. 

Spring For Color

Green is getting a lot of press here, but we know it isn’t the only color. Why not freshen up your home’s look with a new coat of paint? Painting a room can freshen up your well loved furniture and decor or create a dramatic new mood for your space. Take the time to pick your new colors wisely. Even if you just end up opting for similar tones to your current palette you’ll be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do. 

If painting a whole room seems daunting, try picking out a new accent color for the room’s trim. A bold choice here can really pay off. 

Do A Deep Clean

We saved the best for last: doing a truly deep clean of your home can start your year off right. Work methodically room-by-room to organize, straighted, scrub and declutter. A deep clean is a great time to put into place solid organizational methods and cleaning schedules that can make your home easier to keep tidy all year long.