Summer Camping Tips

With so many ways to enjoy Lake Carroll, it is hard to choose our favorite activities, but when summer rolls around we love taking advantage of the spacious and beautiful Lake Carroll campsite. Spending a night amidst placid natural surroundings, hiking during the day on lush green trails and enjoying the simple things in life, summer is the perfect time to get away from it all. Our campsite makes it easy to get back to nature with over 100 acres of camping and access to full facilities. The Lake Carroll Campsite is open to all Lake Carroll property owners and their guests -just another perk of finding your next home with Fawn Ridge Realty!

New to camping? Get ready to fall in love with the great outdoors. Before you head out, here are a few tips to prepare you for a fabulous experience.

Choose the Right Tent

If you want comfortable camping, the first step is to find a tent that fits your needs. Most tents are sized efficiently, so they are easy to carry hiking, but that also means they can be unexpectedly small. Make sure there is enough room in the tent for you (and anyone else who will be using it) to lay fully extended. Tents are also designed to hug the ground, but if you have back issues look for a tent that will give you ample room to move around or even stand up in. 

In terms of getting a good night’s rest, be sure to bring plenty of padding, as well as appropriate bedding for the season. One of the great things about setting up at a campsite is the convenience – you don’t have to worry about hiking for miles with all your equipment, so you can bring extra padding for added comfort. 

Be sure to check the weather and temperature forecast before you head out, so you aren’t caught under prepared. In case of rain or other inclement weather, be sure to have tarps along with you that can shelter your tent in a storm. When choosing clothes and bedding to bring with you, choose options that can withstand weather, and that you aren’t afraid to get a little wet or dirty.

Meal Planning

Camping food is its own culinary art form. Whether you plan to cook over an open fire or on a propane camp stove, you’ll want to do a little bit of advance planning to make sure you bring food that will keep for the duration of your trip. We try to plan to use our most perishable ingredients during the first day or two of camping and keep our most perishable items on ice in a well-insulated cooler. If your camping trip is longer than one or two days, pack fruits that keep well at room temperature, such as apples, oranges, avocados, tomatoes and bananas. For main meals, use components that won’t spoil – dry pasta, canned meat and fish, bread and biscuit dry mix along with dehydrated or canned vegetables are fantastic components to a camping pantry. For snacking, rely on shelf-stable snacks, like dried fruit and nuts as well as treats like hard boiled eggs and pretzels. Instead of trying to keep fresh milk on our trips, we opt for small cans of coconut milk to add to our stews, pancakes and coffee. 

Bookend Your Days

A little planning in advance can make mornings and evenings at your campsite far more memory-worthy. If you’re among the millions of people who wake up to coffee every morning, plan ahead for how you can wake up to the perfect cup. A simple pour over system or french press are both great options for camping – and make sure to grind your beans before you leave home. In the summer, we love setting soaking our coffee beans overnight in our french press and enjoying a strong cup of cold brew in the morning – no water heating required!

To close out your nights, nothing beats spending time around a campfire. If you are camping with kids, sharing stories and s’mores will make for an unforgettable evening. Although you won’t see us turning away any fresh campfire smores, we’ve also picked up a few adult campfire treats along the way. Grilling bananas inside their peel leaves you with a decadent, syrupy treat when you slit them open. We love them dressed up with chopped pecans and a splash of whiskey, or with chocolate chips and a tiny pinch of salt. 

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