Tips for Enjoying the Spring Migration in Your Lake Carroll Home

Tips for Enjoying the Spring Migration in Your Lake Carroll Home

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Spring is here and with warmer weather, we can see all sorts of signs of life returning to the countryside. From buds on the trees to spring flowers, the signs of the season are here -including the songs of birds in the trees. Spring is a great time for bird watching in Lake Carroll with the spring migration of multiple bird populations bringing seasonal variety to our avian wildlife.

Backyard Bird Watching Basics

You can go out into nature to watch for birds, but if you are just beginning as a bird watcher you can simply start from the comfort of your own home. Making your yard an inviting place for birds is simple. First, set up a bird bath where passing birds can access a clean, safe supply of water. You can find many attractive and affordable bird bath options at gardening supply stores. Second, you’ll want to have a bird feeder set up and filled with quality bird food. 

For both food and water, you’ll want to choose options that keep birds safe from predators (like cats) and competition (like squirrels). Choose bird feeders with features that protect them from rodent access and make sure they are hanging in a location that is high and safe from ground animals. For your enjoyment, choose locations that you can see easily from your windows. 

From this basic set-up you can adapt what you offer to attract specific species of wild birds or to assist them in building safe and sheltered nests. For instance, some birds prefer a diet based on fruits while others eat mostly grains or insects. Hummingbirds thrive on nectar from flowering plants and can be supported with hummingbird feeders. Once you’ve rolled out the red carpet for your flying friends, you can sit back and let the birds come to you!

Fun and Educational

The birding community is vast and active. This pastime allows you to connect with nature wherever you are and learn about your local ecology. While spotting a new bird is exciting, you’ll also want to be able to identify it. You can opt for a printed field guide or a web-based or app-based identification tool to help you learn the names of new birds and a little about their behavior. While digital field guides are powerful tools, paper field guides often offer a regional focus and can be used in places where cell phone reception may be spotty. 


Another great tool for bird watching is a pair of birding binoculars. Getting to experience the complexity and richness of bird plumage up close can best be done with this little piece of spy equipment. From iridescent blues to vivid speckles to rich yellows that seem almost fluorescent, getting an up close view of the birds you are spotting will give you a whole new appreciation of the natural world.

Birding In Lake Carroll

The peaceful countryside around Lake Carroll is a wonderful place to begin your birding adventure. Springtime brings a flurry of bird activity to the area as a whole range of midwestern species occupy the area. Our nearby nature preserves and woodlands provide an enhanced habitat for larger and less-common species to the area. The Mississippi Palisades Park is home to a wide variety of duck, geese and waterfowl species. The area also supports large birds of prey including falcons, osprey and even bald eagles!

Birding in your backyard, expect to see brightly colored cardinals and blue jays, as well as smaller songbirds like finches and warblers. You may be visited by the tapping of a woodpecker or sapsucker looking for an insect meal. Birds like scarlet tanagers or indigo buntings arrive with a splash of vivid color in the Spring, so whether you head out into nature or stay closer to home, you are sure to catch a glimpse of some fabulous bird life. 

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