Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool without AC This Summer

With the days heating up, summer is just around the corner! Are you ready for the heat? While modern life has made it possible to crank up the AC all season to beat the heat, air conditioning ends up hiking up your energy bills and keeping you indoors on some of the nicest days of the year. Using a few simple life hacks, you can reduce your dependence on your climate control and stay cool all summer!

Classic Cooling

One of the oldest tricks in the book is also one of the most refreshing. You can make a simple cooling mister just using an electric fan and an ice pack or bowl of ice cubes. Position the ice in front of the fan and, as it melts, it will cool the air creating a frosty breeze. Doing this trick with reusable ice packs is a great way to keep it cool and easy to clean.

Ceiling Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans are made for year-round home comfort? The direction a fan spins determines how it circulates air -in the case of a ceiling fan, pulling it up or pushing it down. In winter months, your ceiling fan should be spinning clockwise to push warm air down into a room. In the summer, reverse your fan so it spins counter-clockwise, circulating air and pulling up heat.

Nature’s Way

Take advantage of the temperature cycles of a summer’s day and use them to your home’s benefit. When the air cools in the evening, open as many windows as you can to let in the night breeze and naturally drop your home’s temperature. In the morning, close your windows and use shades and curtains to block sunlight from entering. Use fans to circulate the cool air from the evening throughout your home. Eventually, the cooling effect of the night air will dissipate. Then it is time to open your windows again and start pushing warm air out of the house.

Work Your Windows

Not only is it important to know when to open your windows, there is also a simple technique for improving how you open your windows. Sounds squirrelly? It’s really quite simple. Because heat rises, think about how air blows through your home when all windows are open. For windows where the breeze is entering your home, open the lower half of your window to let cooler air in. On the side of the house where air exits, open the top half of your windows so warm air trapped near your ceiling is forced out.

Chill Your Sheets

If you have trouble falling asleep in the heat, this trick is for you. In the morning place a spare sheet in a gallon-size ziploc in your freezer. When night time rolls around, take out your freshly chilled sheet to help you get comfortable and sleep soundly. When you wake up the next day, send a sheet back to the freezer to enjoy it again.

Grill Night

Heat from cooking can really heat up a house quickly, as heat from pots and pans gets trapped in the house. This summer, try to take most of your cooking outdoors. Use an outdoor grill or barbeque to create delicious summer meals.

Indoors, focus on food prep that doesn’t generate a lot of heat. Summer is a great season to try out chilled soups you can make in a blender, as well as fresh salads and vegetable dishes. Summer sun is also the perfect way to brew delicious pitchers of sun tea and can help speed along cold brew coffee.

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