Tips for Making Your House a Home

How do you create a home that expresses who you are and that puts you at ease? Sometimes, getting a house to reflect your interests and character is harder than it seems. Making a space that your family can thrive in doesn’t have to be at odds with being stylish, in fact, fitting your home to your family’s tastes can make everyone more comfortable. Here are a few tips for getting started with making your house your home.

Emphasize What You Use

Your home is going to be more fun and functional if you make sure you have easy access to your favorite things. Love to cook? Emphasize an organized and stocked kitchen where you can prepare whatever you like without having to comb the drawers for the right knife or appliance. Passionate about music? Make your stereo set up and music collection part of the room design.

If you collect something like books, vintage video games or handmade pottery, don’t try to hide your interest – make it an activated part of your home. Showcase your collections in ways that are organized and not overwhelming. Use your collection as decor and keep it organized so it doesn’t take on the role of clutter.

Use Color Selectively

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors in the way you decorate your home – but stay away from too much of a good thing. Bright, saturated colors are best to use as accent colors in a room. A splash of fire engine red or sunflower yellow can add visual interest and character to a room design, but bold colors like this can create anxiety if they are chosen as wall paint. Instead, opt for optically soothing tones when choosing a wall color for a room – this can include deep hues like navy blue or a mahogany red.

For wall paint choose a deep tone, or a light tone – like a shell pink or misty green – or a neutral color like a warm grey or ivory white. These more subdued colors soothe the eye and allow you room to play with color in your furniture and decor.

Go Green

One color that always breathes a little life into a space is the green leaves of a potted plant. Plants are a great way to add a lush and alive feel to any room. Plants have the added benefit of improving your home’s air quality. There’s no need to be nervous about taking on a delicate blossom – talk to your local plant shop or nursery about easy to care for plants that can thrive even with minimal care.

Break Up the Set

While it may seem like an easy way to outfit your house’s rooms, avoid buying matching full-room furniture sets. A full-room set often overwhelms the room it is set up in and makes it difficult to incorporate other furniture and decor into the design. Instead, select individual furniture pieces you like that complement each other. Many people enjoy mixing vintage “statement” pieces and family heirloom furniture with streamlined newer designs.

Another priority for your furniture should be comfort. Opt for chairs and couches that fit your body, and bed frames that inspire a good night’s sleep. Make sure tables are sturdy enough for your needs and shelves will easily support what you intend to put on them. Never buy good looking furniture that can’t live up to the normal wear-and-tear of daily life.

Make Every Step Count

Along the same lines of comfort, incorporate rugs and textiles into your decorating. Rugs underfoot give off a warm, inviting feeling. Decor like throws, blankets and pillows make a room easy to relax in and can help you express your taste.

A Room of One’s Own

Whether you need an area for your daily workout or a home office with fast internet, make space in your home for your lifestyle. Just because a room serves a particular, and perhaps private, function doesn’t mean it can’t also have style. Be as good to your personal areas as you are to the spaces you share with visitors. Afterall, a home office that lets in the sunlight and is built with your organizational needs in mind has great potential to make you happier and more efficient.

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