Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

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Even when you love your home, sometimes a new chapter beckons, and you find yourself getting ready to move. A key component to getting the best sale price for your home lies in how well you stage it for potential buyers. Staging is almost an art unto itself – seeing a home with furniture and accessories helps buyers envision themselves in the home more than an entirely cleared space does, but that’s only if the furnishings emphasize the great qualities of a space. 

Before You Even Get In the Door

Even if gardening has never been your specialty, part of your home’s attraction is its curb appeal. Greet your potential buyers driving up with a pop of color and some greenery. Attractive potted plants or trees flanking the front stoop and a vibrant hue on the door attract the eye and make a home exciting and lively. 

Scrub and Scour

Your home should be immaculately clean when you show it to buyers- especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Take the time to remove any stains, dirt and debris. Address any build up of lime, mildew or discoloration on bathroom fixtures or tiles. In the kitchen make sure countertops, stove surfaces and all appliances are free from grease, stains and other dirt. Go in deep with your cleaning- and don’t forget areas that sometimes slip out of sight like the tops of cabinets, range hoods and ceiling fans. 

Declutter Everything

This is the cardinal rule of home staging: declutter everything. You want your home to look spacious, emphasizing its style, comfort and storage. The secret to doing this well is to minimize the furniture and accessories in the home. For the time you will be staging your home you may want to rent a storage space to store extra items. 

Start by paring down your closets and storage cabinets. No area should be more than half full and everything should be arranged to look tidy and neat. Nothing should be crammed together. This means paring down clothes, books, food and kitchen gadgets, tools, shoes, and toiletries. Seeing plenty of space in the storage areas ticks boxes for many home buyers looking for a spot with plenty of room to grow.

You should also store excess furniture in order to make rooms look as spacious as possible. Decide on stylish and functional pieces to keep in each space that are scaled to the size of the room – in other words, no massive headboards in a guest room that barely fits a full mattress! Arrange furniture with generous space and use items like framed art, live plants and accent textiles to bring an alluring “pop” of color to the spaces.

Depersonalize Everything

Your home is probably as unique as you are, but when you are selling, it is not the time to showcase your fabulous personal style. Staging is the time to pack up family photos, personal effects, heirlooms and other very personal items. The goal here is to showcase your home as the perfect space for a wide array of people – not just you and your family, so taking out that personal touch lets other people see themselves in the space.

Staging is also a good time to tone down dramatic touches you’ve made to your space. While the fuschia accent wall looked great behind your leather couch, many people won’t be able to picture their own possessions in front of it. Opt for neutrals on the walls when staging your home and build visual interest with textures and textiles.

Appeal to All the Senses

You want your home to spark the imaginations of the potential buyers and staging should be appealing to all the senses. Just as everything should look crisp and spotless make sure your home smells great when you show it. Baking bread or cookies in the kitchen is a classic move, but fresh cut flowers, open windows or even potted herbs can help adjust the scent of your home in appealing and natural ways. If possible avoid chemical scents or heavy incense, which some buyers may find intrusive or unappealing.

Similarly, make sure everything in the house wants to be touched – tighten door knobs, fix squeaky hinges and check to make sure drawers, knobs, cabinets and faucets all function smoothly. 

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